Modern life is intricately woven with the web, making a functional router essential for seamless connectivity. However, encountering issues with your router can be frustrating. If you find that the “PWR” (power) LED is not illuminated on your Netis W1 router, while the “WPS” LED shines brightly, it’s important to diagnose and resolve the problem.


In this article, we’ll explore the possible reasons behind this issue and provide step-by-step solutions to help you bring your router back to life.

Understanding the problem:

The situation you’ve described points to an abnormal start-up sequence for your Netis W1 router. The fact that the “WPS” LED is illuminated while the “PWR” LED remains dark suggests a potential power-related issue or a malfunction in the router’s initialization process.

Possible Causes and Solutions:

  1. Power Supply Issues:

    • Cause: The most common reason for the “PWR” LED not lighting up is a power supply problem.
    • Solution:
      • Check if the power adapter is securely connected to both the router and the power outlet.
      • Test the power outlet with another device to ensure it’s functioning properly.
      • If possible, try a different power adapter to rule out any issues with the original adapter.
  2. Firmware Glitch:

    • Cause: After months of inactivity, firmware glitches could have occurred, disrupting the router’s boot-up process.
    • Solution:
      • Perform a factory reset by pressing and holding the reset button on the router for about 10 seconds. This should restore the router to its default settings.
      • Download the latest firmware for your Netis W1 router from the manufacturer’s website and update it using the router’s configuration page (once it’s accessible).
  3. Stability Issues during Startup:

    • Cause: The router might be experiencing stability issues during the startup process, causing it to fail to fully initialize.
    • Solution:
      • Disconnect the power source and let the router rest for a few minutes before attempting to power it on again.
      • If the issue persists, try leaving the router connected and powered on for a longer duration (15-20 minutes) to see if it eventually completes the startup sequence.
  4. Network Visibility and Configuration:

    • Cause: If you cannot see the router’s name in the available network list, it might not be broadcasting its Wi-Fi signal or it might not be properly configured.
    • Solution:
      • Ensure the router’s SSID (network name) is properly configured through its configuration page.
      • Connect to the router using an Ethernet cable and attempt to access its configuration page. Make sure your computer’s IP settings are set to DHCP.
  5. Hardware Malfunction:

    • Cause: Over time, hardware components within the router might degrade or malfunction.
    • Solution:
      • If the above steps don’t resolve the issue, consider reaching out to Netis customer support or a professional technician for a thorough inspection and potential repair.
In conclusion
Encountering an issue like the “PWR” LED not lighting up on your router while the “WPS” LED is illuminated can be concerning, but with patience and troubleshooting, you can often diagnose and resolve the problem. By following the solutions outlined in this article, you can increase the chances of reviving your Netis W1 router and enjoying uninterrupted connectivity once again. Remember, seeking professional assistance is always an option if the issue remains unresolved after attempting these steps.
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